Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hi!  I am very excited to show a sneak peak of Isabella!  She has a lovely new body shape that was designed by a very talented dollmaker - July Colby from Inviting Play.

This doll has dimensions similar to a 18" American Girl Doll, which opens up tons of possibilities for clothing!  The first outfit that I have made for Isabella is from a pattern for 18" dolls and it fits her very well.  The pattern for her dress was purchased from and Etsy shop called Avery Lane. I will be working on more clothing for Isabella - stay tuned for more fashion showings!

Isabella has a belly button and little bum cheeks!

Sitting in her undies, waiting for her dress to be made!! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Dolly Dolls!

Hi! It has been a busy summer and start of the school season.  I have not been posting much, but I have been continuing to work on my Dolly Doll pattern and trying out different techniques.  At first, the doll bodies were very simple, but I have started working on a more shapely body style.  I have also been working on some clothing for the little ones!

Here are some variations of my earlier body shape:

Here is the new body shape! I'm calling her Lola! (notice her belly button and cute undies)

And Lola's clothes!

I'm going to try making another one with this new body style, but with a more rounded face and larger cheeks. Which body style do you like best?

I'm also working on a great new body shape for a larger doll that I will share more information about soon!
Thanks for reading!!!