Saturday, June 30, 2012

Introducing Cricket!

Here are some photos of my latest doll, Cricket! She is wearing a dress that I sewed using some beautiful fabric purchased from the lovely Amy at Pinked Fabrics on Etsy.  I just adore the Little Red Riding Hood theme!  The shoes were, once again, a challenge for me - more of a mental block than anything else.  Once I made up my mind to do it they went OK and I like the two-toned look of the wool felts.  I still hope to be able to crochet some booties in the future if I can figure out a pattern that looks good and doesn't take me FOREVER!  Practice will improve my crochet and knitting skills, right?  Anyway, here's Cricket!!

She got a little bored last night while I was trying to figure out my approach for her shoes, so she found a basket of hair ties and made a bit of a mess!

And, finally - the shoes are finished.  It's a bit late and the lighting is not at it's best, so she will have to wait until tomorrow for a photo shoot with the shoes.  Hopefully I will be able to post her on Etsy within a day or two!


  1. I love this little doll! so simple, yet so life-like. She's perfect!

  2. Thanks! I have really been enjoying your blog. Your quilts are very inspirational to me and I am really wanting to try out that lunch "box" bag that you wrote about. It looks so cute and practical!

  3. such a sweet little dolly, she is a darling