Sunday, February 10, 2013

Linen tea bags for dolly tea parties

Hello! I made these little tea bags the other day for my daughter to use for her pretend tea parties.  I took a few photos as I went along to share how I made them, in case any of you want to make your own! Please excuse the photo quality - I was just snapping some quick photos in progress and did not have the best lighting at the time.

I decided to make 8 tea bags (with 4 different tag fabrics). I used linen for the body of the tea bags and some little cotton prints for the tags. Cut two pieces of linen for each bag, and one piece of cotton for the tag (make these pieces twice as long as your finished tag because this piece will be folded). For the "string" part to attach the tag to the bag, I used silk ribbon. I also used a bit of wool batting to stuff the tea bag and add a bit of dimension, but that is really optional.

Place your silk ribbon between two tea bag pieces (like a ribbon sandwich), so that it will be caught in the seam when you sew the pieces together. I left an opening along the bottom edge to turn it all right- side out after sewing around the outside of the tea bag pieces.

After sewing and turning the piece, I put a tiny amount of wool batting in the bag and tucked in the edges of the part that was left open. I sewed a top stitch line around the edge of the tea bag for decoration and stability, which also closed the hole at the bottom edge.

Then I folded the tag fabric in half, with right sides together and sewed two of the edges, leaving one edge open to attach the ribbon. I did not get a photo of this part. I turned the tag right-side out and tucked the edges of the open side in and also slid the end of the ribbon in the opening. A top stitch secured the ribbon and closed the opening. This part was a bit fiddly with the tiny parts. I may make bigger tags next time!

Now, find your favorite cup, pop in your teabag, put the (pretend) kettle on, and have a tea party! Enjoy!


  1. This is so cute! I want a tea party!

  2. Lovely, Anna!!! Thanks for sharing!! ♥♥♥