Saturday, April 13, 2013

My latest dolls...

Hello! I have been so focused on making dolls lately, that I have not been posting to my blog! I recently completed a large 18" custom dolly in wonderful shades of deep purple, lavender and blue. I love the contrast of the dark shades with the lighter shades.

I have also been playing around with different patterns for smaller "pocket" dolls. 

This little 7 inch dolly has freckles and BIG blue eyes.  I had fun with adding little features, like dimples on her knees as well as a belly button and little defined bum cheeks.  For her dress, I used some very pretty cotton lace trim and used up some extra fabric for a ruffled bubble dress.  I made her booties with super soft angora blend yarn.

This one is a bit larger (8 inches) and is very cuddly. Her velour skin is so soft and feels great on your cheek. She has little curly boucle mohair braids peaking out from her cap!

I am spending a lot of time dreaming up some plans for a woodland elf (complete with pointy ears) and a butterfly girl! I love dolls with wings and have been doing lots of research to find the best method to get the type of wings I want to make. Hope to have them completed soon to show you!



  1. She is adorable, Anna! I love her hair peeking out her cap. ;)

  2. It's been a while since I visited, but I see you're still making adorable little dolls! Oh my, how do you sew such tiny, sweet little things!