Saturday, May 26, 2012

Great children's book!

My daughter and I love to load up on books from the library so we have plenty of new stories to read at bedtime.  Every once in a while, we come across a book that I don't want to return!

The book is called Dahlia, by Barbara McClintock.

We have now kept this book past it's due date (fees to pay) and read it many times and I will sorrowfully return it to the library.  This lovely story is about a little girl who is quite a tomboy (just like I was as a child growing up in rural Wisconsin).  She is given a very fancy doll as a gift and she is not quite sure what to do with it so she has the doll join in on her mud pie making and cart racing exploits.  I love how as the doll gets a bit messy and seems to enjoy these activities, a strong bond begins to build between the girl and the doll.  I truly hope that the dolls I make for children will be so loved!  The book also has very beautiful illustrations - here is my favorite page:

If you get a chance to read this book - do it! I just may have to find a copy of this book to purchase and add to our collection of favorite books!

As far as what else is going on - I sold my first two dolls on Etsy! I can't tell you how excited I am!! Now my shop is looking a bit bare again, but I am busy making plans for the next dolls to be made.  I have two in progress - one will be around 16" and the other will be a miniature soft doll around 6-8".  It is very exciting and I will share more information as I get further along. I just received a lovely Etsy package from Pinked Fabrics - I really like the Walk in the Woods line, especially the Little Red Riding Hood print!  I think a future doll is going to have a very special dress!!

The studio plans are still developing, but I hope actual destruction/construction will begin in about a week or so.  ALSO, the grass seedlings are finally sprouting and look like fine baby hairs.  I have been treating them very carefully, but something (not sure if it is our cat or one of our escape artist chickens) insists on digging around in a particular corner. Sigh - I have given up smoothing it over and planting new seeds, which only seems to encourage more digging!

I hope you have a great weekend! ~Anna

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