Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My first feature and new Etsy items!

Just a quick note to say that I am very excited to have my mermaid doll, Viola, featured on Beneath the Rowan Tree's blog! Check out the Waldorf Wednesday Mermaids post. This is my first feature and it was such a lovely surprise!

I have posted some small dolly-sized blankets on my Etsy shop and plan to add a couple more soon.

I am also working on a new doll that was a special request - the person requesting her will have first dibs on purchasing her, but if they decide not to I will post her for sale on Esty.  She has blue eyes and blonde hair and a slightly chubby face - very sweet little thing! I will hopefully be able to post some pictures this weekend when I finish her hair!

Oh, and I am still sore from hauling MANY loads of topsoil from the driveway to the corner of the backyard where we are replacing a concrete patio with a patch of grass for under our hammock.  It will be worth it in July when we hang the hammock, right?  Now I just have to water the seeds every day and watch for them to germinate and grow into a (hopefully) luxurious carpet of green.  And we have to somehow keep the dog, cat and chickens from messing with it before the grass is established - not to mention the kids!