Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ABBY on Etsy!

I have finished the shoes!  It was causing some distress because I had it in my mind that I would crochet some booties.  Well after ordering a pattern and watching a few online tutorials, I thought I would finally be able to make a decent pair of booties.  No such luck - three attempts at two different patterns has not yet yielded acceptable results.  I guess I still need more practice and patience before any dollies will get crocheted booties from me!  I did manage to make some felt shoes, however, that I think turned out just fine.

Abby has been keeping herself busy while I take care of my daughter (at home with a cough and fever):

Watching the chickens up to no good

Passing the time with a puzzle

Petting the dog

Daydreaming of her new home

Creating masterpieces

Abigail is now ready to post on Etsy at

I am also selling blankets that are coordinated with the colors of the dolls I make.  They could be purchased with the doll, but I am selling them separately in case someone wants just one or the other.  My daughter loves to play with blankets - making beds for dolls, wrapping them up and carrying them around.  She likes to make forts with them, have little pretend picnics or tea parties on them - tons of different things.  I created the blankets with two layers of fabric sewn together (with no batting) so that they have a nice weight to them, but they can be easily used as a table cloth on a child's table or as a picnic blanket in the back yard on a sunny afternoon.  Here is the blanket I made to go with Abby:


  1. The felt shoes look good! And those action photos of her are adorable.

    Not sure of this size but you should look into marketing your blankets for those American Girl Dolls. I sold my dolls and things from when I was little last year and couldn't believe what a market there was for clothes, blankets, and accessories on etsy.

  2. Good idea! I should add that as one of the tags on etsy to pick up on American Girl Doll related searches. Thanks! ~Anna

  3. Just adorable... wonderful details!

  4. Anna, I do agree with Holly. My little girl is always asking for extra clothes and things for her American girl dolls.

  5. Thanks - I added "American Girl Doll" tags to my blankets!

  6. I love Abby's dress. will you make me one? tracey

  7. I love the simple beauty of Waldorf dolls! This one is so cute in all her activities; that makes for fun. I make doll-sized quilts and TRY to make cloth dolls; I can sew the doll, but painting faces? well, it's not my best talent.

  8. Thanks lil red hen, I checked out your quilts and they are gorgeous! ~Anna