Saturday, April 21, 2012

Still waiting for the sunshine!!!


Well, the weather forecast was for sunny and warm weather, but most of today has been overcast and breezy.  My apple tree is beginning to blossom and the rhodys are in full bloom! 


I have been working on another doll and have almost finished her hair.  I will work on her clothing next and hopefully have enough light to take some photos this weekend or next week so that she can be posted on Etsy.  Still thinking about her name also – I may put up some choices on my facebook fan page soon to ask for some help (!  Meanwhile, my daughter's dolls are having a great time playing together!

One exciting development today was having a draftsman come by to measure our sunroom.  We are planning to have it remodeled into a studio so that I will have my own space for creating! Maybe it will be ready to use before the summer ends. I’ll keep you posted as we make progress! If anyone has tips about lighting for a studio, please pass them along!  I think I will have plenty of natural light with all of the windows planned, but I am not sure what to do with the artificial lighting for evening work.


  1. I love spring, the blossoms are so pretty. That's great about getting your own studio, soo exciting! Growing up my mom had her studio in the basement, and it was so dark and drab, that's great you'll have a bright room with a view of the yard!

    1. My parents had a pottery studio in the basement when I was growing up!

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