Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Etsy listing!! Meet Viola, mermaiden of the lost coast!

The night was full of sounds, wind softly murmuring and then building in volume and fading away again, like crashing waves.

Frantic rain pelted against the window, the dark cloudy night sky contrasted with the warm glow inside my home as I snuggled under my blanket and curled my legs up on a chair, sipping tea.

In the morning, the wind had wandered away leaving a freshly scrubbed world – the morning sun cast a gentle glow to the soft lustrous pearl sky.  The verdant scent of Spring beckoned to me as I started my morning walk down the long winding path to the water’s edge.

That was the day I met Viola …she was peering down into the shallow tidepools, searching for an oyster that might have a pearl (she has always wanted a pearl of her very own). 

Her seaweed-colored hair was hanging down, hiding her violet eyes.  When she looked up and saw me, she had a gentle look of surprise and wonder because she had never seen a real human before!

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  1. Congrats on your first listing! It's so exciting, isn't it? The doll is gorgeous and I love the little back story!

  2. Wow - now I have my first comment on my blog too. Things are moving along. Thanks for the comment! I spent a few days mulling over Viola's story - initially inspired by driving home at night in a huge downpour and wishing I could be home working on the doll!

  3. Wow you are SO clever - she's absolutely beautiful! I can already see that there is so much to see on your blog that will make me feel inspired - and I haven't even headed off to your Etsy shop yet! I'm all set for a good read with a mug of tea, so thank you so much for visiting my blog, and your lovely message about Marie Antoinette, as it brought me to yours. x

  4. Hello Anna, Hope you are having a wonderful day. Love your creations... You are so talented. This is a lot of work...
    Well done my friend. Look forward seeing more of your lovely creations... so get busy... hehe
    I will be visiting you soon!

    Take good care.

  5. Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate knowing that there are others out there interested in my blog and my work! I'm a bit stuck on choosing the hairstyle for my latest doll, but it should be finished soon (perhaps over the weekend). Then I will just need to figure out what she will wear! Oh, and I want to bake something yummy to post about soon also. Thanks again for the encouragement!